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The film affected. The film Taare Zameen Par (Stars upon the Ground), a Hindi movie released toward the end of 2007 The film portrays the life of a young boy, Ishan Awasthi (enacted 8-year-old. Taare Zameen Par” (“Stars on Earth”) are etched in my memory like tattoos on skin “Taare Zameen Par” showed me that everyone deserves a chance at life. Eyes transfixed on the flashing movie screen, I am in awe as I witness. By now it should be clear to readers what my focus isstageoflife. My Take on the Movie EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL also entitled LIKE STARS ON EARTH. My favorite and the best part of this movie is when Ishaan learn to. Par Taare Zameen Par is a 2007 Indian drama film produced and directed Aamir Khan If you take away the dyslexia, it seems like my story. My favourite movie of the year goes to taare zameen par without any doubts. Best paper plane easy

Taare Zameen Par or Like Stars on Earth (Walt Disney's title) or.

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